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Miguel & Amber are fantastic!

Genuinely good people with a real commitment to their clients and their business. We were a few days away from closing escrow on a house in Big Bear when we started looking for property management companies. Based on the 100% positive yelp reviews and great initial conversation with Miguel, we decided to go with CA Mountain Rentals to help us manage the property. Immediately paid off. The day after we signed paperwork with him (which was also the day we were to transfer the funds and close escrow on the house), Miguel decided he wanted to stop by the new place to check it out (a testament to his thorough nature... we didn't ask him to stop by, he just did). When he did, he noticed something that our realtor, property inspector, and seller/sellers agent all failed to mention or notice... the fact that both the parking spots and a decent portion of the stairs were built on city property, meaning it would not be allowed in the vacation rental program (a big part of the equation for us), and the city could tell us at anytime that we needed to rip the stairs down and move THE MOUNTAIN about 12 feet back, probably a 6 figure, months long project! After confirming this with the city (also coordinated by Miguel), we were able to get our deposit back and walk away. We were roughly an hour from going to the bank to wire the money when Miguel called to let us know. Major bullet dodged. Original real estate agent fired. Enter EXP realty. Working with Miguel & Amber on the real estate purchase side was equally fruitful and easy. They were incredibly responsive & insightful about the local market, introduced us to contractors, and even went by the local Spectrum office for us to help get internet setup when the corporate office was being uncooperative! We just closed escrow on a new (and much nicer) house 60 days later and couldn't be happier. Needless to say, they've gone above and beyond and it's been a pleasure to work with them. We couldn't recommend them highly enough, and look forward to doing business with them for a long time.

Andrea L.

We met Miguel at the end of our fist experience trying to selll our property.

Miguel is a very humble, friendly and cool person. He gave us confidence thru the whole process of selling our property, even though some difficult situations he was there giving us support and assurances that everything was going to be OK. Amber a very down to earth lady, friendly and very professional, she is very calm and easy to talk person, always willing to help. I really appreciate all the help and confidence we got from Amber and Miguel. Thank you!!!!!

Victor Ramirez

It has been amazing to work with Miguel and Amber, very committed to us, always on top of the transaction and very knowledgeable.

The connection with them was and is great and always made us feel like family. Communication level was 💯 percent. They go above and beyond, working with them is a blessing. My husband and I look forward to continuing business together and building our friendship with them, they are so enjoyable and fun to be with, thank you 🙏🏻 and many blessings always.

Yolanda Padilla

Best realtor we've worked with.

Excellent with prompt and thorough communication. Thorough understanding of the process and steps involved. Offered multiple options for us to choose from during the process. Great guy, professional and honest. Highly recommend!

Brian A.

Miguel responded to an inquiry regarding a property, he met with us the same day, we expressed our need and he started working on it right away, keeping us informed and up to date on every move that took place.

. He was always in great sprits, very positive and encouraging. Miguel and Amber have been very helpful, informative and patience. We almost became family:) We appreciate all the times we called upon them and were not made like we were imposing. We highly will recommend to family and friends and thank them for their superb service. Celina Ramirez

Celina Ramirez

Miguel was great to work with!

Dick W.

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